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Can I change the agreement after my Court Order is finalised?

In the first Family Matters Show, Heather McKinnon answers this question about the family home in cases of separation:

I am currently listed on two bank mortgages for two separate properties with my ex-husband; an investment property and a house that my ex-husband owns and lives in. He is currently paying the mortgage fees/amounts on both properties but the way the Orders were set up I will only be removed from the mortgages once the investment property is sold. No timeframe was stipulated for the sale of the property, only that it be listed within 7 days, which it was. So 8 months later, my name is still on both mortgages and this may remain the case for a considerable time, leaving me in a position that if I needed to borrow money from the bank, it is highly unlikely it would be approved given the large amount of money I am liable for on the two mortgages. What can I do to achieve the outcome that I hoped the initial Orders would have covered – ie. have my name removed from mortgages that I am not currently paying.

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