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While the whole process is an extremely difficult and emotionally charged time, you were always available, calm and rational! While I didn’t always like the answer, you were always open and honest with your responses, you always got back to me promptly and patiently answered my long list of questions. Every person that I dealt with at Bryant McKinnon showed an extremely high level of professionalism in all my dealings, and I’d like to thank you all for making the process as painless as you possibly could.


Can’t express how grateful we are to have your assistance. Especially when I need to try not to stress too much, having your expertise is really appreciated. Ideally I wouldn’t be in this situation in the first place, but having professionals of your talent means the children are getting a fair voice in what’s best for them. It is an extremely valuable contribution you’re making to people’s lives.


It was precious to feel supported in these hurting circumstances.  You are all absolutely professional and human.  So glad I chose Heather as a lawyer.  I will recommend her and her team to anyone who need competent help, advice and support.  Now is a new chapter.  I will enjoy with all the confidence you reinstalled in my mind during the divorce process.


Thank you so much guys, you have all been so very helpful, and I’m finally free thanks to your help.


Everything was excellent and outstanding. I thank you, Ben, Heather and the team for all your help, kindness, empathy and understanding… and of course your professionalism… during a very difficult time.


I cannot thank you enough for all of your work, and success …. You have achieved more in the past few months than I have in years…Ben truly has been amazing’.


I want to thank you and Heather for all that you have done. You both have always been there as lawyers but also as support when I just needed to ring and run thing past you both or seek guidance on what I should do in particular situations. It is a scary world when it is turned upside down by anger and rage on another’s part – but when you took over my case, you actually helped me to see that it wasn’t my problem anymore! Thank you again! And thank you for the reassurance that if for some reason I need further assistance – I can call on you again!


I honestly cannot put into words what you have done for our family. From the bottom of my heart thank you so very much. You were our rock, sounding board and advisor and always there when needed. Thanks to you we have our family back together.


A big heartfelt thank you for your time, understanding and effort in achieving our desired outcome.


It was so good to not have to deal with [the craziness] myself for a change. You guys did a great job and spoke really well. I really appreciate your work