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There are always so many questions when you are considering an enormous personal decision such as divorce or separation. And you don’t want to get lawyers involved too early or too often – we understand!

That’s why we’ve developed the Family Matters Show. This live program will air from 12 noon on the first Tuesday of each month.  A number of family experts will answer your questions about divorce, separation, property settlement, child custody and support and any other family matters that are keeping you awake at night.

How are the assets divided after separation?

The team from The Family Matters Show answer the question: My husband...

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Is there a way for me to check whether my husband is hiding assets?

The team from The Family Matters Show answer this question: I think...

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How do I know if my partner is being honest about their income during separation?

How do I know if my partner is being honest about their...

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Is superannuation considered in the financials when divorcing?

Do superannuation accounts get included when working out the financial settlement during...

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Is there any protection against being forced to sell my house?

My partner has left the house but I want to stay. I...

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How long does the divorce process usually take?

My ex and I have been separated for a couple of years....

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What comes first, settlement or custody?

I just found out that my husband is leaving me. What is...

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Is it possible to revisit the settlement?

I’ve been separated for 8 years and divorced for 6. My ex...

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Will I get in trouble if I take my dog?

I am going through a separation and my partner took my dog...

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Will a trust in my children’s names affect child support?

In the first Family Matters Show, Heather McKinnon answers this question about...

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