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E49: Indigenous Family Law Courts

28th Nov 2023

On this episode, Ben and Heather are joined by two special guests to discuss the growth of specialist Indigenous family courts, known as Indigenous List.  Retired Federal Circuit Court Judge... Read more

E48: Will & Estate Planning: how can things go wrong?

5th Jul 2023

On this episode, Ben and Heather discuss Wills and estate planning, bringing our attention to the many things that can go wrong if you fail to keep your Will and... Read more

E47: Divorce and Children with Special Needs

5th Jul 2023

This month, Ben and Heather were joined by experienced  clinical psychologist Warwick McClelland to talk about divorce and separation when children with special needs are involved.  Topics covered include: Talking... Read more

E46: Getting In and Out of De Facto Relationships

27th Jun 2023

This month, Ben and Heather delved into the topic of de facto relationships, answering the following questions: What is a de facto relationship? How long do you have to live... Read more

E45: Top Six Questions on Property Settlement

14th Jun 2023

Property settlement is one of the first things that separating couples need to deal with, and often one of the most emotional.  In this episode, Ben and Heather answer the... Read more

E44: Same Sex Separation: Property and Parenting Disputes

9th May 2023

Ben and Heather discuss same-sex separation together with clinical psychologist Dr. Catherine Boland.  The founder of Relationspace, a team of skilled professionals helping people going through divorce to better manage... Read more

E43: Making Separation Work

10th Mar 2023

Ben and Heather welcome Dr Atina Manvelian, a psychologist and clinical scientist. As a postdoctoral researcher at Stony Brook University and Stanford University, she studies how our relationships impact our... Read more

E42: Community Questions – Take 6

14th Feb 2023

This month Ben and Heather addressed a wide array of family law questions from the community, touching on a number of common issues faced by people going through divorce and... Read more

E41: Making Mediation Work

20th Jan 2023

Gemma Rope, solicitor with Bryant McKinnon is our guest host for this episode.  She and Heather welcome psychologist and mediator Anthony Smith to talk about how to make mediation work. ... Read more

E40: When the Property Market Turns

28th Nov 2022

In family law matters the sale of the family home is often the most difficult and emotional part of the separation process.  And everything is just that much harder in... Read more

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