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It never seems like a good time to think about your estate plan or write your will. But no time is more important than those moments of significant family change. Moving in together, marriage, the birth of children, separation or divorce will all have an impact on your estate plan and may even make your current will invalid.

Bryant McKinnon Lawyers are experienced in all aspects of estate planning and management. We make sure your estate plan leaves nothing to chance, protecting your family from financial problems and legal disputes.

Estate Planning

Estate planning is more than just dividing up your assets amongst your nearest and dearest. A good estate plan will take into consideration changing tax and superannuation laws, structuring for asset protection, business succession and all other aspects of effective transfer of wealth to the next generation.

Bryant McKinnon’s expert lawyers can provide estate planning advice and guidance to best protect your family and meet your wishes. We can then prepare the legal documents and frameworks needed to realise your estate plan, including:

  • Wills;
  • Enduring power of attorney;
  • Advance health care directive;
  • Testamentary discretionary trust;
  • Superannuation nominations.

Probate & Estate Disputes

We can also provide advice and assistance to executors through the probate process and help them to avoid or manage estate disputes.

Our experienced litigators can represent you as executor, beneficiary or claimant when family conflict erupts over an estate.

If you have need advice or assistance ensuring that your estate planning is up to date and consistent with your wishes, please contact us.

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