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E26: Do-it-yourself Divorce

12th Jul 2021

This month Ben and Heather step you through how to manage your own divorce and identify when you may need to seek additional legal advice. The questions and topics covered... Read more

E25: Financial Planning During and After Divorce

18th Jun 2021

In this episode, Ben and Heather turned their attention to money, assets, debts and the importance of financial planning during and after divorce.  They were joined by financial planner Brett... Read more

E24: Community Questions – Take 5

19th May 2021

This month Ben and Heather addressed a wide array of family law questions from the community, touching on a number of common issues faced by people going through divorce and... Read more

E23: Two Views on Property Settlement

29th Apr 2021

In this episode Benjamin and Heather switched up the format, with each asking the other increasingly challenging questions about property settlement.  It opened up so really honest conversation about the... Read more

E22: Private investigators in family law

2nd Mar 2021

Private investigators can play a pivotal role in serving documents and collecting evidence in complex family law cases.  In this episode Benjamin Bryant and Heather McKinnon from Bryant McKinnon Lawyers... Read more

E21: I’ve decided to separate. Now what?

9th Feb 2021

Most people who decided to separate have never initiated a relationship breakdown in their lives.  The decision is scary and overwhelming.  Yet these very early stages can set the course... Read more

E20: Judge Judy talking family law

14th Jan 2021

Retired Federal Circuit Court Judge Judy Small is without question our most unique, and broadly qualified guest we have had on this program.  Judy grew up right here in Coffs... Read more

E19: Men and divorce

1st Dec 2020

In this episode Ben and Heather talk with special guest Jean Clayton, CEO of Bridging the Gap Community Services which runs the Men’s Resource Centre, about how men experience divorce... Read more

E18: Community family law questions – take 4

12th Oct 2020

This month Ben and Heather tackled some curly family law questions from the community, ending up in a wide ranging discussion on a number of different issues. The questions included:... Read more

E17: Family Law Mediation

15th Sep 2020

In this episode we talk about mediation: one of the biggest cost savers in the entire family law process.  A successful mediation can save you the emotional and financial cost... Read more

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