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E42: Community Questions – Take 6

14th Feb 2023

This month Ben and Heather addressed a wide array of family law questions from the community, touching on a number of common issues faced by people going through divorce and... Read more

E41: Making Mediation Work

20th Jan 2023

Gemma Rope, solicitor with Bryant McKinnon is our guest host for this episode.  She and Heather welcome psychologist and mediator Anthony Smith to talk about how to make mediation work. ... Read more

E40: When the Property Market Turns

28th Nov 2022

In family law matters the sale of the family home is often the most difficult and emotional part of the separation process.  And everything is just that much harder in... Read more

E39: Coping with the holidays after separation

10th Nov 2022

With the holiday season approaching, Ben and Heather turn their attention to coping with holidays after separation or divorce.  To help them deal with this highly emotive issue, they welcome... Read more

E38: Substance Abuse and Family Law

13th Oct 2022

This month Ben and Heather talk to toxicologist and forensic medicine specialist Professor Edward Ogden about substance abuse and family law.  Professor Ogden has been studying the impact of drugs... Read more

E37: Estate Planning after Divorce

10th Aug 2022

In this episode Ben talks to his colleague and solicitor Gemma Rope and Sydney based barrister Louise Goodchild about estate planning after separation and divorce.  It’s something that often gets... Read more

E36: Getting Ready for Court

19th Jul 2022

This month Ben and Heather discuss how to get ready for Court.  Their first piece of advice is to avoid bringing family law disputes to Court if at all possible. ... Read more

E35: Forensic Accounting: Valuing businesses in family law

15th Jun 2022

This month Ben and Heather talk to forensic accountant Suzanne Delbridge about valuing a business when separating. Suzanne Delbridge is the Director and Founder of Delbridge Forensic Accounting in Newcastle... Read more

E34: Successful Co-parenting

31st May 2022

In this episode family law experts Benjamin Bryant and Heather McKinnon talk to psychologist Michael Hawton about the secrets to successful co-parenting.  Michael is a child and family psychologist who... Read more

E33: Independent Children’s Lawyers

17th Mar 2022

This month Heather and Ben spoke to Gabrielle Cantrall, the acting Solicitor in Charge of Family Law with LegalAid NSW, about Independent Children’s Lawyers (ICL).  These are the specialist lawyers... Read more

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