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FAQs International Family Law

Download FAQs International Family Law

This document summarises some of the more commonly asked questions regarding international family law. Refer to the useful links section of our website... Read more


Guide DIY Divorce

This DIY Guide walks you through the process of finalising your divorce. It is important to understand that “divorce” is the process that... Read more

FAQs Estate Planning for Blended Families

Download FAQs Estate Planning for Blended Families

Estate planning becomes more difficult and more important when you have a blended family.  With children, step-children, spouses and exes to think about,... Read more

FAQs Mediation

FAQs Mediation

Mediation is an opportunity to negotiate an agreement with your former partner with the support of a qualified, impartial mediator.  In family law... Read more

FAQs Family Court

FAQs Family Court

The vast majority of couples manage to get through divorce or separation having little or no contact with the Family Court.  But the... Read more

FAQs Children’s Matters

FAQs Children's Matters

How to keep your children from the pain of divorce and how to shape their lives after separation: these are issues that are... Read more

FAQs Property Settlement

FAQs Property Settlement

Property settlement is usually the most complex, and emotive aspect to divorce or separation.  This document provides answers to some of the most... Read more

Glossary of Family Law Terms

Glossary of Family Law Terms

Legal jargon can make the Family Law process frustrating and confusing.  We provide this Glossary to help you deal more easily and effectively... Read more

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